What Are waste studio Bags Made Out Of?

Magic! And a blend of repurposed, recycled, and raw materials and fabrics.

How can i clean a waste studio Bag?

Simply wipe with a moist piece of cloth and some regular soap without

Where can I find the closest retail location?

Check nearest Waste Studio POS location by entering your location here. (Is
it possible to add a fillable box to enter your city and a press button that
places you on a Google Maps with placemarks for POSes with always a clear
E-Shop link). Note that using the IP address to trace the visitor’s location
is not reliable.

How can I become a Waste Studio Retailer?

Are you Serious! Click here & let’s get in touch.

Will waste studio ship internationally?

Always but within Planet Earth for now.

What is the Waste Studio Guarantee and Repair Policy?

All unused products with defects can be returned and replaced without any
additional charges. Note that reused materials can come with scratches as
testimony of their previous life and durability; hence, scratches are not
considered as defects.
Wear and tear damages are not guaranteed but don’t hesitate to contact us
to see if we can offer a repair.

How do I care for my bags and accessories?

Don’t! They’re durable and we’d like you to send us photos as they
naturally grow old to info@waste.studio. Send us photos of your Waste
Studio companion every 3 months and we’ll offer you a new bag after 3 years.

How do I care for my furniture?

Store away from sun and rain unless it is explicitly labelled as “weather

What is the Waste Studio Return Policy?

All unused products can be returned; charges may apply for international

Can I personalize my bag?

Certainly. Please contact us on info@waste.studio for additional info.

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